Unlimited Snow Goose Hunts

Come join us as we participate in the spring conservation snow goose hunt, February- April.  We offer a couple of packages so that you can choose from different ways to try your luck at some of the most fun waterfowling has to offer!  The conservation hunt allows you to hunt all day, and limits aren’t an concern!  You can also pull the plugs from your shotgun and even put extention tubes on.  Now that’s serious hunting!  It also allows electronic callers to be used during this time, so while in the decoy spread, we can turn up the volume and sound like thousands of snow geese.  The most effective way to fool these intelligent birds than run in flock of thousands!

Our STEALTH package allows for you to try your skills at sneaking up on the an enormous flock of snow geese.  If successful you will experience the most  intense heart pounding rush of a lifetime!  In some cases getting within feet of 10000 plus snow geese and hearing how amazingly loud and vocal these birds are, your heart will be pounding just thinking about it.  With no limit on the number of birds your group can harvest!  Check out some our Goose Hunting Pics!

Just for a little info on what to expect our record in one sneak is 189 snow geese in one volley and over 400 in one day of hunting!  Now if that don’t get you excited, I don’t know what will!  So come join us on a fun and exciting hunt, your group could hold the next record!

All hunts and packages require a 50% deposit within 7 Days of confirming your hunting dates.