About Us-What We Offer

At Bayou Deview Guides, you can expect to show up to a place where you can relax and enjoy what southern hospitality is all about.  We specialize in hunting arkansas ducks and geese, but shooting waterfowl is just a bonus!  One of our main goals at B.D.G. is to show you a great time and make your trip a hunt you will never forget.  Whether it is shooting skeet, taking a ride in the evening seeing the beautiful scenery Arkansas has to offer, or just sitting around the lodge telling “Lies”, I mean hunting stories!  During our time as Duck we have learned that there are a lot of great cooks out there, so feel free to join right in with the cook and show off your best recipe!  It all about providing you the ultimate duck hunting experience at Bayou Deview Guides, a hunting experience that keeps you coming back for more.

At B.D.G. we offer numerous Arkansas hunting packages, so that you can pick from a list of hunts that fits your budget and availability needs.  We also will work with you to create your own day to day package, to get you a full Arkansas hunting experience!

Each duck hunt you can expect a early rise, to a full continental breakfast, Then leaving one of our lodges to travel to our specific hunting location. This may be at different times, depending on where that morning hunting blind is located.  These hunts will vary from different types of terrain and hunting blinds, from rice field, bean fields, sloughs, creeks, buck brush and Arkansas Green Timber . Arriving at our hunting location, we will provide transportation to and from the blind.  Your can expect your hunt to be over, no later than 11 o’clock, to assure proper management and that our locations aren’t over hunted.

Arriving back at the hunting lodge, there will be a HOT meal awaiting you after a long, cold morning of arkansas hunting.  This usually sets everyone up for a nap! If not, there are more activities that we offer including skeet shooting, evening goose hunts, or to keep your day as busy as you want.

Depending on your Arkansas hunting package, your evening hunt usually begins around 1:30 pm, where you and your guide will go out in pursuit of the North American Snow Goose.  Bayou Deview Guides offers both stalking and spread hunting of geese. If you are only interested in Goose hunting, join us for our unlimited snow goose conservation hunt.

After a hard evening of hunting the mississippi flyway, you will arrive back at one of our fine lodges to the smell of some good ole fashion southern cooking.  After a long day of hunting there is nothing better, to get your mouth watering, than a southern home cooked meal.  Then it is time to tell all those lies we have talked about, I mean hunting stories and relax as that great southern cooking begins to act as a sleeping pill.  Then its off to bed, waking up to a whole new day of fun and excitement, hunting waterfowl in ARKANSAS, the Duck Capitol Of The World!