Count Down to the MBYG Youth Hunt!

The 2nd Annual Muddy Bayou YoungGunz Youth Hunt set to kick off in less than 36 hours!!  Team and Staff are working overtime to make this years hunt a big success.  With Gear from Drake Waterfowl, Delta Waterfowl, Mack’s Prairie Wings, Echo Game Calls and many others still arriving.  One thing still stands, will Mother Nature Defeat us 2 years in a row?!

While some of our Staff is organizing gear, food, etc.  Others are fighting the “ICE”,  making sure the ducks that are here….Stay!  One thing Mother Nature can’t control, is that we are gonna have a “Big Time”!  Everyone keep your fingers crossed and hope we have a safe and successful hunt.

There will b a post following Saturdays hunt, hopefully with pictures filled with Mallards!!!

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