Cody Alberson and MUZZY Team Strikes BIG in Alberta!!

On June 1st Team Muzzy found themselves just North of Ft. McMurry, hunting Alberta Black Bear!! If you ever want an adventursome hunt, this is a must!

It all started with a float plane ride to the middle of nowhere!!  And when I say “nowhere” I mean nowhere!! We were about 100miles from civilazation, not to mention a 45minute Argo ride to camp!  This hunt is already an adventure and we haven’t even hunted yet!!

Arriving in camp, we got settled in and the guide went over some camp rules.  Mostly just telling us to be cautious. I mean, we are in the middle of Bear Haven and you can’t be to cautious!

First day out wasn’t much action, just some scouting and finding where the majority of the bear were hanging out.  Note that, all the scouting is done by Argo and my cover 20 plus miles a day.  But fortunately we found bear pretty quick and it wasn’t long till we had one on the ground.  We had taken a great bear, bumping roughly 300lbs!! The trip was already a success, but we still had one more tag!

Where we had shot the bear, there was a game camera not to far away, set up.  So we decided to go take a look.  If anyone knows about game cameras, you know that when you check them, it’s almost like Christmas or as “Forrest Gump” said ” like a box of chocolates, never know what ya gonna get!!  Well that line can’t be more true.  We had captured a Monster Alberta Black Bear on cam!! The guide “Dan Hungle” instanly said ” this is definatly a B&C (Boone & Crockett)!!

With Dan confident and the Muzzy team already with one tag filled, we decided to sacrafice all our time in this one spot to just hopefully get a chance at this Giant!!! We knew it was gonna take patience and alot of time sitting in one spot, but we were determine to make this happen!!  This bear wasn’t huge from being dumb, he was smart, bc in 2 days we end up getting two  close incounters with this Alberta Giant!

Just to fill you in, the bear are in full rut and one if our strategies was to find out who his girl friend was, and that we did!! Her nickname…(Pretty Face).  A 400lb female with a beautiful blondeish brown face!!  We knew whenever she was around he was close!! And we all know these mature animals, wether it be bear, whitetail, elk or whatever you may be hunting, let their gaurd down the most, when a beautiful lady is around!!! Goes for you men out there too!

Wow, we could not shake this bear.  He would come just close enough, knowing something wasn’t right, turn around and ease off!!

Now before I go on with the story, just to let you know, we are hunting with a Hoyt bow….. On the ground!! We have had bear literally 2 to 4 yds, with no blind or anything.  Just using a tree for cover!!  Talkin bout make your heart pump!! And one of those bear we had to mace, bc he had a temper and at 3yds commenced to start bluff charging us!! ( this is what bear do to try and scare or threaten their competition).

You know they always say patience pays off, well….. It does, and that the third time is the charm!! We look up through the woods and who is it?  Pretty Face!  She is comin in and we know he ain’t far behind.  Now we just have to get passed his nose,  since bear can smell over 10 plus miles away, that kinda hard to do!!! Our hearts are pounding as the Alberta Giant was getting closer!  Man, how cautious this bear is, seems like it took forever for him to come ten more yards!!  But that he did, pretty face was just to pretty I guess!  We ranged him at 16 yards, the camera rolling and joey at full draw and the the confirmation……”tak’em”!!!

The Muzzy Team had just muzzified a Giant Alberta black bear!!  All the hard work and patience had payed off and long hrs sitting on the ground allowed us to take a 8ft 600lb Alberta Black Bear!! Which SCI skull measurment of 22inches!! Which put him well into the B&C books!!

Dan Hungle, with Trophy Book Outfitters had definatly lived up to his name bc we had definatly killed a TROPHY of a LIFETIME!!!!

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