Bayou Deview Guides teams up with the Arkansas Game and Fish in getting some of the Woodruff County Young Guns invovled in the outdoors!

What more can we do to get kids involved?  Well, there is a lot! That’s why Bayou Deview Guides teamed up with the Arkansas Game & Fish, to give the

Cody and Young Gun

Cody and Young Gun

Young Guns of Woodruff County and our region a hands on experience in the conservation of North American waterfowl.  Check out some pics!

What a great time it was to see those kids have a blast while helping out!  Remember, there Is alot more to hunting, than just killing, it is also about conservation.  To be a great hunter you must know all the work that goes into conservation, rather than reap the benifits of a hard working few.

So get kids involved, show them there is a meaning behind hunting, not just killing, although that is the fun part!  That is the first step in conservation in our book.

Adults, this is where it all starts, so take a kid hunting.  Even if it’s not your child, take that extra step. You will be glad you did!

For photos of the event, click here and check out the photo gallery!

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